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          General Meeting - Midland Country Club

                              LUNCHEON SPEAKERS
                                 March 11, 2015


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Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter

He has served as our Sheriff in Midland County since January 1, 1985.  He was raised in Hale County, TX on a cotton & grain farm.  He served two tours of duty in Vietnam and embarked on his law enforcement career in August, 1970, when he was hired as a highway patrolman.

He worked in the Midland County Sheriff’s office beginning in 1982 and earned his way through the ranks achieving the Sheriff position after his election in 1985.  He has organized the 1st multi-jurisdictional narcotics task force in West TX, organized the County Crisis Intervention Unit, a moving force in creating Permian Basin Peace Officers Association and is one of the original founders of Sheriff’s of Texas Agreed Response (STAR). He is one of the sheriff’s in the State with the most tenure.  He has served as a past President of the Downtown Lions Club and President of the Sheriff’s Association of TX.

He will speak on security & how safe are we today in Midland County.


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Our guest speaker is a representative for Homeland Security.  Our guest speaker served in the Marine Corps from 2000 to 2004. He is a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

He helped start the original Camp X-ray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Naval base and received the first Taliban prisoners from Afghanistan and assisted in the interviewing for the purpose of gathering intelligence.

In Iraq, he served in Task Force Tarawa which was responsible for securing all urban locations from the Kuwaiti border to Southern Baghdad.  The most notable battle was in the region of An Nasiryah where his unit, the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, Special Operations Capable secured the city from the Iraqi Republican Guard and the Saddam Fedayeen.  During this period, in the An Nasiryah area it was his unit that assisted the Navy Seals with the notable rescue of Jessica Lynch.

Directly after military service, Josh was commissioned as a Federal Officer with Immigration & Customs Enforcement in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2010, Homeland Security Investigations recruited him to be a Special Agent and he attended the Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

He will present an overall view of the various departments.


WEDNESDAY – March 11, 2015
BUFFET LINE OPENS AT 11:15 - General meeting to follow at 11:40

PLACE: Midland Country Club, 6101 N. Hwy 349, Midland
$20 with a reservation - $25 without a reservation
Reservations must be received/canceled no later than 
Monday, March 9th at NOON

We have added an “express line” for the membership luncheons.  After you make your reservation for the luncheon by phone or e-mail response and have a check made out to MCRW with your name on it, someone will come down the line and stamp your hand to enter the luncheon.  You may then proceed to the name tag table if you wish to have a name tag.  Those paying cash must get in the “regular” line to pay your luncheon fee.  The “express line” should speed up the entrance time to the luncheon.


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