Club History

Midland County Republican Women’s club was organized in 1960 to increase the effectiveness of women in government, and is a member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).

In 1986, membership was opened to allow men to become associate members. Women, who are primary members of another TFRW club, may also join MCRW as associate members. In 1991, the word “club” was eliminated from the name and “local unit” was adopted.  However in 2005, TFRW and NFRW approved the return of “club” in response to the will of the state and national membership.

MCRW’s Political Action Committee’s status (PAC) requires accounting for all funds raised or donated and for funds distributed to assist Republican candidates. Fundraising projects primarily include a silent auction held at each regular general meeting. Money raised is utilized to assist Republican candidates working on voter registration and voter education, manning telephone campaigns during election years and many other community service projects.

Over the past six decades, MCRW women have been awarded the prestigious Ten Outstanding Republican Women of Texas Award, presented once every two years to a total of ten women across the entire state.  Three of those women are from MCRW: Judge Barbara Culver Clack, Juandelle Lacy Roberts, and Rhonda Lacy.

Past MCRW Presidents

1960 Gloria Stewart & Doris Howbert                1977 Delores Judd
1961 Doris Howbert                                           1978 Sara Branum
1962 Ann Flynn                                                  1979 Marvel Sayers
1963 Pat Muldrow                                              1980 Elsie Hugly
1964 Doris Howbert                                           1981 Bettye Calvert
1965 Dee Vernadore                                            1982 Fran Hillin
1966 Jere Hubbard                                              1983 Pet Temple
1967 Alice Park                                                   1984 Anita Perry
1968 Patsy Welmaker                                          1985 Frances Terry
1969 Juandelle Lacy                                            1986 La Verne Foster
1970 Aida Dunlap                                               1987 Marge Prigmore
1971 Liz Adam                                                    1988 Margaret Rhea
1972 Sue Conly & Lou Brown                            1989 Ella Barnett
1973 Joan Henry                                                 1990 Billie Ross
1974 Barry Gae Camden                                     1991 Hallie McCarter
1975 Penny Angelo                                              1992 Sharon Spear-Smith
1976 Fran Henderson                                          1993 Denise Burns



1994 Barbara Culver Clack
1995 Phyllis Peek                    
1996 Teresa Clingman
1997 Mona Craig
1998 Sue Brannon
1999 Robin Sams
2000, 2001 Juandelle Lacy
2002 Teresa Clingman
2003 Beverly Brock
2004 Carolyn Gunn
2005, 2006 Deanna Krehbiel
2007 Kathy Reeves
2008 Linda Melson
2009 Karen Hood
2010 Cheryl Becker
2011 Linda Hagler
2012, 2013, 2014 Rhonda Lacy
2015, 2016 Charlene Romero McBride

MCRW Women of Achievement Award

In her first term as President in 2015, Charlene Romero McBride wanted to have an award that recognized the women of MCRW who made a difference through their profession and how much they contributed to their community based on the Republican Philosophy. At the May 2016 board meeting the name “MCRW Women of Achievement Award” was voted as the permanent name.

2015 – Justice

Teresa Clingman, D.A.

Judge Elizabeth Leonard

Judge Robin Malone Darr

Judge Barbara Culver Clack


2016 – Medical

Renee’ Meiner

Dr. Cynthia Wallum

Nancy Leung, RN

Carolyn Creighton Rhode, M.D.

Tribute to Women Awards

This award is presented in recognition and appreciation of outstanding contributions to the Republican Party, to the Republican Women’s Federation and to the candidate’s own community. The presentation is made at the Republican State Convention as a TFRW special event. 
Midland County Republican Women who have received this honor are:

1981 Lou Brown                 
1983 Pat Blackwell                
1986 Margaret Rhea                
1988 Marvel Sayers                
1990 Frances Terry                
1992 Elsie Hugly                
1992 LaVerne Watson                
1994 Billie Ross                    
1996 Sue Brannon                
1996 Hallie McCarter                
1998 Mona Craig                
2000 Beverly Brock
2000 Pat Williams
2002 Barbara Culver –Clack
2002 Juandelle Lacy Roberts
2004 Mim curry
2004 Carolyn Gunn
2004 Alyson McInturff
2004 Teresa Clingman
2006 Deanna Krehbiel
2006 Nancy McNerney
2008 Leann Brenner
2008 Rhonda Lacy
2008 Linda Melson
2012 Mina Fitting
2012 Linda Hagler
2012 Sherri Merket
2012 Kathy Reeves
2014 Judy Canon
2014 Patti DeFrance
2014 Kathy Young
2016 Dorothy “Dee” Becker
2016 Charlene Romero McBride
2016 Cynthia Wallum

Texas Federation of
Republican Women
The Ten Outstanding Award

This award is presented at the T.F.R.W. State Convention. Qualification is based on participation in local, state, and national Republican activities as follows:
-    40% Federation Activity,
-    30% Campaign Activity,
-    20% Republican Party Activity, and
-    10% Personal Community Activity

Midland County Republican Women who have received this award are:

1965 Barbara Culver-Clark
1971 Joan Paxton
1973 Juandelle Lacy
1991 Margaret Rhea
1995 Lou Brown
1997 Marvel Sayers
2011 Rhonda Lacy