Mighty Texas Strike Force in Louisiana

December 3rd - December 10th

(You may work for any number of days during this window!)


We still have TWO REPUBLICANS who are fighting against democrats for ONE MORE U.S. SENATE SEAT and ONE ADDITIONAL HOUSE  seat in LOUISIANA.  

Louisiana has a unique election process which bypasses the primary election altogether and allows every single contender from each party to face off at the same time in the general election.  Because so many candidates are on the ballot, some do not reach the minimum threshold required to claim victory.  When that happens, the top two candidates battle it out in a runoff election.  With such a slim majority in the senate, we absolutely must help our neighbors in Louisiana secure this election, and of course we must continue our work to maintain a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives.

We must ask for your help one last time during this election cycle.  The Mighty Texas Strike Force will be deploying a team to Louisiana during the week leading up to December 10th to work two major areas: Shreveport/Bossier City and Baton Rouge. [ Lake Charles may also become a target city. ] 

We need you in Louisiana.  Whether you come for just 2 days or if you come for a whole week, either way your help is vital.  During this trip, we will be the boots on the ground- knocking on doors, making calls, etc. to get out the vote for this crucial election. We hope to have funds available for partial assistance with certain expenses as needed.  

Please contact Grace today at grace@myinspiredsolutions.com to sign for our MTSF Louisiana team! In addition to providing Grace with your full contact information and availability, be sure to sign up at mightytexasstrikeforce.org [if you have not previously signed up during the general election cycle] and select 'Louisiana'.

This is our chance to show the democrats and this entire nation that our recent victories will not cause us to become overly comfortable and apathetic.  We are going to continue striving and fighting to secure the future of this country!  

If you are ready to be a part of the team that will put the final touches on Victory 2016, then contact GRACE JONES and sign up for the Mighty Texas Strike Force today.