The 2019 Executive Board of the MCRW

ELECTED officers/executive committee

We are honored to have these exemplary women to lead our club in 2019! You can reach any of our leadership by clicking on their name.

1st Vice President

Denise Porter

2nd Vice President

Cindy Fisher


Karen Hood

Immediate Past President    Carla Smith

Immediate Past President

Carla Smith


Midland County Republican Women Executive Board

Awards: Juandelle Roberts

Campaign Activities: Mary Helen Bowers

Caring For America: Tracye Vaughan

Chaplain: Sue Brannon

Community Awareness: Leann Brenner

Education/Scholarships: Elizabeth Leonard

Emails: Cindy Wallum

Telephone: Nancy McNerney

Legislative: Joanne Sulak

Media/Publicity: Jennifer Ball

Newsletter: Teresa Clingman

Facebook/Twitter: Laura Van derHoeven

Bylaws/Parliamentarian: Sherri Merket

Greeters/Hospitality: Pat Blackwell

Committee: Ann Bailey

Social: Elizabeth Moore

Patrons: Sharon Humphreys

Counting: Pat Blackwell

Membership Brunch: Elizabeth Moore

Ways & Means: Laura Nodolf

Committee: Sue Madry, Rebecca Patterson, Whitney Griffith, Suzy Prucka, Brittany Rheg