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Hello Everyone,

This blog is a picture blog.  I have been running on very little sleep and I haven't had a chance to write.  Right now, I am at the airport in Cleveland getting ready to head home.  My goal is to do some writing during this trip home.  I have so much to share!!  Thank you for your patience!!  You will hear from me again, very soon.



Blog Post #4 from Rhonda

On Tuesday, July 19th Rhonda Lacy wrote:

Hello from beautiful Cleveland....When I traveled here last August for the RNC meeting, 'downtown' was under construction. It is truly a beautiful city now.  The Welcome Party on the shores of Lake Erie, eating free food offered by the chefs of the city while movin' to the still clear sounds of Three Dog Night was too much fun.  Cleveland has been incredibly gracious. We could not ask for a friendlier people and they LOVE the Texans.  

In our Texas flag shirts, Cowboy hats and boots, we have been stopped all day long asking for pictures, remarking about how 'they' would love to come to Texas and we've loved every minute of it.  The waaay too long walks around blocks and blocks or fencing and barriers has been difficult. Uber, Taxis and buses cannot even begin to get one close to extra event destinations.  We have to walk.  And folks, it isn't the cool relief from Texas heat that we all thought we were going to get.  It's hot and the humidity is high.  

I hope you watched every bit of the convention Monday night.  The lineup of speakers was remarkable!  I'm not sure where to begin.  From well spoken Congressmen,  true military American heroes, hurting parents who lost children in service needlessly to the young lady who offered up our Nat'l Anthem.  And I was truly blessed by Melania's very eloquent speech.  

You saw all of that.  Let me give you some updates from our Monday morning meeting.  The delegation meets from 8:00 until 10:00 am with briefings and speeches by guests and elected officials.  

Dinesh DSouza fired us up again.  He said Texas MUST lead this nation back to our Constitutional values.  Texas is 'the tragic necessity that's standing to bring the two coasts together.' We must lead the fight.  His new movie will give you incredible insight.  Do NOT miss it this coming weekend.  ( If you care to watch to the end, our own Midlander, Grace Jones, is in the credits along with 'yours truly' in the Special Thanks category. ) 

Governor Abbott spoke to us by phone. We miss him being here and hope he is healing fast.  Governor Perry reminded us that some make think we're 'bragadocious' but according to his dad " if you can do it, it ain't bragging" !

Con. Roger Williams cited from the book of John and reminded us that you catch more fish on the 'right' side of the boat rather than the left. 

We had reports from the Rules Committee and Credentials.  Former Chair Munisteri and NCW Dashiell explained in detail about the Rules Committee report.  It was a good report.  The over exuberance of delegates on the floor of the afternoon session was out of order.  There is a chronological order that must be followed using Congressional rules instead of Roberts Rules of Order.  Those spreading the 'unbound delegate petition' were misrepresenting their timeline.  I'll be glad to explain this in detail when I get back to Texas.  

Our delegation picture was taken at the Indians Stadium. It was hot!

I'll leave this submission with a quote from Dinesh DSouza. The Republican Party is the Party ofEmancipation and the Ladder of Opportunity for our Nation. Let's not lose it.  

Tired but happy!!! 


Blog Post #3 from Rhonda

Update to go with Sunday blog:  
Our delegation members are getting ready to go to Dinesh D'Souza's Hillary's America: the secret history of the Democratic Party.  Make plans to see it Friday and Saturday of this coming week.  A good showing will keep it in the theaters.  

Cleveland folks have been fantastic!!!  Everyone is bending over backwards at our hotel to welcome us and the Texans are responding in kind!  


Grace Jones working for Dinesh getting movie tickets out.

Grace Jones working for Dinesh getting movie tickets out.

Dinesh D'Souza movie here we come!!

Dinesh D'Souza movie here we come!!

Blog Post # 2 from Rhonda

On July 17th Rhonda Lacy wrote:

Good Sunday morning to all of you in West Texas from ( finally) in Cleveland delegate Rhonda Lacy.  I told my CD 11 folks that I'd blog to them about Cleveland. 
I wanted to include my SD 31 folks in this blog, too.  I know you have representative delegates, but I thank- you so much for letting me represent you in Texas politics that I wanted to share this trip with you.  I've included the Republican Women's SD 31 presidents for you to share with your members and my great counter-part, Tom Roller, is sending this to the County Chairs to send out each day. 

On Saturday, after the Midland-Dallas portion was soooo late leaving ( thank-you American Airlines), I missed my connection in Dallas by literally seconds ( haven't caught the Skylink and run through the airport like a wild woman in years), only to be told my bag probably made it but that I would NOT be traveling to Cleveland for another 6 hours. So, instead of arriving at 6:00pm, midnight was my new arrival time. Apparently during normal arrival times there had been welcoming committees with celebration, free stuff and water bottles in the airport for convention attendees.  I was just glad to find my Texas-attired and packed bag sitting in a relatively safe place and glad to get my cab.  

Yes, I said 'expensive' cab....  Uber was not recommended that late since many drivers had come from ALL over the U.S. to work this convention.  Though at first appearing to be 'nice' my cab driver began railing against the politicians of the right---BIG mistake ( I held my own in rebuttals) , decided to charge me MORE than what I had asked at a C of C info desk at the airport, for which I reminded him ( he didn't think I knew) and as I left, told him that if he wanted tips, he'd probably do well NOT to lambast all of the Republicans AND I would begin by NOT tipping him myself, reminding him that I was NOT from an entitled union state and I had worked hard for my money and didn't share it with those who demanded it.  YES, I was at the hotel, bags out of the car, before I shared my truthful and candid remarks.  I'm quite sure he appreciated my honesty after unloading his socialist ways.  

After texting my concerned family and friends due to the late time, now 1:00am, I rode in the elevator with a very nicely dressed gentleman from Minnesota who was connecting with his Texas cousins, for real!  He just happened to be the Republican Speaker of the House of Minnesota, Kurt Duadt. I proceeded to tell him what we were doing with Strike Force and he begged us to please come help him hold onto the barely Republican House against a Democrat Governor and State Senate.  I hope all of you have gone to and signed up for Mighty Texas Strike Force.  We are going to need everyone helping in this election.  Sorry, was not thinking, but should have gotten his pic to share with you.  

My roomie, great friend from Dallas, Cindy Asche, had left her husband and 3 teen-age boys in Orlando to make the trip, was still awake when I got in and we already had stories to share.  

Folks, the security is massive.  For any arriving today, Sunday, I don't know how the taxis and Uber will get people up to the doors of the hotels. Drivers are told that they may have to drop off passengers blocks from their hotels and people will just have to walk the rest of the way. Streets are blocked off, high fencing down the middle of streets, tons of police, FBI and Homeland Security were peppering the streets and alleys even late, early this morning.  My cab driver did say his updates changed hourly and none of them knew which road to take where.  Amazing when I asked him to ask a cop, and finally we did, that we were told which route to take.  Cleveland IS very pretty downtown. I'll try to send pics.  Attached to this late night/ early Sunday blog are a couple of pics.  

Please pray for our Police and those protecting us in Cleveland.  Of course, all of us here would cherish your prayers as well.  Pray for Donald Trump and Gov. Pence.  I do believe they are trying to listen.  

May Our Precious Lord give us His Mercy, just one more election.  


CD 11 Delegate 🇺🇸


Rhonda Lacy and Sherry Hurt with Colorado Strike Force Captain, Eric Opiela

Rhonda Lacy and Sherry Hurt with Colorado Strike Force Captain, Eric Opiela

Dennis and Kimberly Graham taking pictures of us

Dennis and Kimberly Graham taking pictures of us

Some of our CD 11--Rhonda, Dennis, Kimberly, Thomas Mathis, Bill Holmes, Shawn McAnelly

Some of our CD 11--Rhonda, Dennis, Kimberly, Thomas Mathis, Bill Holmes, Shawn McAnelly

Rhonda Lacy from the National Convention Blog Post #1

On Friday, July 15, 2016 5:28 PM, Rhonda Lacy wrote:


Folks, it's HERE.  It's time for the BIG Republican Convention.  I think it will prove to be very exciting.  Like I said at our State Convention, I will send email blasts out to anyone signing up.  If you have anyone else wishing to be part of this CD-11 Blog, please have them reply to Michele's email.  [ Michele Allen is sending this to you during the week!

 I will also be connecting with CD 19 and CD 13 folks as we're all from WEST Texas!  I'm packed, have my extra throwaway rain ponchos advised to use moving from the bus to the arena to keep off the protesters' choice of substance that they are wanting to throw at us.

I believe many of us will arrive in time on Sunday evening to be part of the World Premiere opening of Dinesh D'Souza's newest film - " Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party".  I encourage ALL of you to see this movie the very first weekend of its national Friday, July 22.  As we all know, in order to keep a good movie in the theaters, we MUST see it the first weekend.  Tell EVERYONE you know about this movie.

Thank-you again for allowing me this privilege to serve CD11 in this Convention undertaking.  I pray we come out of this weeklong work unified more than ever.  Folks, as you know, I was and avid Senator Ted Cruz fan, but the people have spoken and we DO have a Presidential candidate to support now in Donald Trump. I've been in this political environment for a long, long time andI know that in order for us to hold onto our Christian values, our Conservative values, our U. S. Constitution, we must do that through a governing vessel.  We can do it through the Republican Party as that vessel or the now Socialist entity. We MUST pull the lever for ALL the Republicans and give us a chance at the prayers for Mercy for our Nation.  Donald Trump and Mike Pence will be the team to do that.  If you are not already, PRAY for them.  LOOK for ways to see the good, strong and capable in them.  Go out and convince your friends that we MUST not only VOTE, but work in this election.  I DO NOT want to see this be the last FREE election that our children and grandchildren will experience. AMERICA is NOT OVER YET!  Don't let that happen to us! 

Talk to you on the Convention Trail!


Blessings and God's Mercy on our Nation,

Rhonda Lacy