Rhonda Lacy from the National Convention Blog Post #1

On Friday, July 15, 2016 5:28 PM, Rhonda Lacy wrote:


Folks, it's HERE.  It's time for the BIG Republican Convention.  I think it will prove to be very exciting.  Like I said at our State Convention, I will send email blasts out to anyone signing up.  If you have anyone else wishing to be part of this CD-11 Blog, please have them reply to Michele's email.  [ Michele Allen is sending this to you during the week!

 I will also be connecting with CD 19 and CD 13 folks as we're all from WEST Texas!  I'm packed, have my extra throwaway rain ponchos advised to use moving from the bus to the arena to keep off the protesters' choice of substance that they are wanting to throw at us.

I believe many of us will arrive in time on Sunday evening to be part of the World Premiere opening of Dinesh D'Souza's newest film - " Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party".  I encourage ALL of you to see this movie the very first weekend of its national release.................next Friday, July 22.  As we all know, in order to keep a good movie in the theaters, we MUST see it the first weekend.  Tell EVERYONE you know about this movie.

Thank-you again for allowing me this privilege to serve CD11 in this Convention undertaking.  I pray we come out of this weeklong work unified more than ever.  Folks, as you know, I was and avid Senator Ted Cruz fan, but the people have spoken and we DO have a Presidential candidate to support now in Donald Trump. I've been in this political environment for a long, long time andI know that in order for us to hold onto our Christian values, our Conservative values, our U. S. Constitution, we must do that through a governing vessel.  We can do it through the Republican Party as that vessel or the now Socialist entity. We MUST pull the lever for ALL the Republicans and give us a chance at the prayers for Mercy for our Nation.  Donald Trump and Mike Pence will be the team to do that.  If you are not already, PRAY for them.  LOOK for ways to see the good, strong and capable in them.  Go out and convince your friends that we MUST not only VOTE, but work in this election.  I DO NOT want to see this be the last FREE election that our children and grandchildren will experience. AMERICA is NOT OVER YET!  Don't let that happen to us! 

Talk to you on the Convention Trail!


Blessings and God's Mercy on our Nation,

Rhonda Lacy