Blog Post #4 from Rhonda

On Tuesday, July 19th Rhonda Lacy wrote:

Hello from beautiful Cleveland....When I traveled here last August for the RNC meeting, 'downtown' was under construction. It is truly a beautiful city now.  The Welcome Party on the shores of Lake Erie, eating free food offered by the chefs of the city while movin' to the still clear sounds of Three Dog Night was too much fun.  Cleveland has been incredibly gracious. We could not ask for a friendlier people and they LOVE the Texans.  

In our Texas flag shirts, Cowboy hats and boots, we have been stopped all day long asking for pictures, remarking about how 'they' would love to come to Texas and we've loved every minute of it.  The waaay too long walks around blocks and blocks or fencing and barriers has been difficult. Uber, Taxis and buses cannot even begin to get one close to extra event destinations.  We have to walk.  And folks, it isn't the cool relief from Texas heat that we all thought we were going to get.  It's hot and the humidity is high.  

I hope you watched every bit of the convention Monday night.  The lineup of speakers was remarkable!  I'm not sure where to begin.  From well spoken Congressmen,  true military American heroes, hurting parents who lost children in service needlessly to the young lady who offered up our Nat'l Anthem.  And I was truly blessed by Melania's very eloquent speech.  

You saw all of that.  Let me give you some updates from our Monday morning meeting.  The delegation meets from 8:00 until 10:00 am with briefings and speeches by guests and elected officials.  

Dinesh DSouza fired us up again.  He said Texas MUST lead this nation back to our Constitutional values.  Texas is 'the tragic necessity that's standing to bring the two coasts together.' We must lead the fight.  His new movie will give you incredible insight.  Do NOT miss it this coming weekend.  ( If you care to watch to the end, our own Midlander, Grace Jones, is in the credits along with 'yours truly' in the Special Thanks category. ) 

Governor Abbott spoke to us by phone. We miss him being here and hope he is healing fast.  Governor Perry reminded us that some make think we're 'bragadocious' but according to his dad " if you can do it, it ain't bragging" !

Con. Roger Williams cited from the book of John and reminded us that you catch more fish on the 'right' side of the boat rather than the left. 

We had reports from the Rules Committee and Credentials.  Former Chair Munisteri and NCW Dashiell explained in detail about the Rules Committee report.  It was a good report.  The over exuberance of delegates on the floor of the afternoon session was out of order.  There is a chronological order that must be followed using Congressional rules instead of Roberts Rules of Order.  Those spreading the 'unbound delegate petition' were misrepresenting their timeline.  I'll be glad to explain this in detail when I get back to Texas.  

Our delegation picture was taken at the Indians Stadium. It was hot!

I'll leave this submission with a quote from Dinesh DSouza. The Republican Party is the Party ofEmancipation and the Ladder of Opportunity for our Nation. Let's not lose it.  

Tired but happy!!!