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Wednesday, November 9th, 11:30 am

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November 8, 2016

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A message from Theresa Kosmoski - President of Texas Federation of Republican Women, Toni Anne Dashiell-Texas Republican National Committeewoman, and Amy M. Clark- Vice-Chairman, Republican Party of Texas:

Election 2016...

We, as women, have been told a lot during election cycles:

  • We've been told we should be excited to vote for a woman for President. 
  • We've been told we should be single-issue voters. 
  • We've been told our Party is against us. 
  • We've all been told there's a War on Women in America. 
  • We've been told to get in line and do as we are told... to vote Democrat because that's "whatwomen are supposed to do."

The moment of truth is upon us.  Eight Long Years later...the moment we've waited for is finally here.

Are we going to do what THEY tell us to do?  Or will we remember that well-behaved women RARELY make history?

WE are Texas women; WE will be on the side of making history!

96 years ago, our political sisters won the right to vote with passage the 19th Amendment.  96 years later, a line in the sand has been drawn for women everywhere.  Do we vote for Hillary just because she is a woman... OR we vote our values and our principles, for the Constitution and for freedom?

You know what to do!

As the women leaders of the Republican Party of Texas, we are hereby calling all women to cross that LINE IN THE SAND on Monday, October 24th and Tuesday, October 25th during early voting and vote our values en masse, showing the nation what is truly important towomen!

Karen Newton, TFRW VP-Finance had a brilliant idea, and we are going to make history with it:

Make plans to show up at the polls on the first two days of early voting and bring a friend...better yet, bring 5 friends!  96 years has led to this... 8 years has fueled our fire.  Now, it's OUR time to take back the White House for the principles and policies that will make this country the very best it can be. 
On which side of the LINE IN THE SAND will you stand? 


We invite you to stand with us! 


For liberty, for prosperity, for victory in November!